Supervisors will propose turnaround firm to SRHS

Supervisors will propose turnaround firm to SRHS

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County Supervisors have proposed hiring a turnaround firm to help make Singing River Health System more stable, viable, and profitable in the future. Supervisors made the announcement at the Monday's board meeting.

SRHS stopped contributing its portion to the retiree and employee pension plan in 2010 and now the plan is underfunded by more than $140 million. SRHS wants to fund the troubled retirement plan at 88 percent, but many retirees and supervisors are not in favor of that proposal.

Board President Barry Cumbest said the health system has been struggling financially, and in order for the hospital to consistently contribute to the pension pot, change is needed.

Cumbest said the county will communicate the offer to SRHS Trustees and hospital attorneys. If they say yes to the turnaround proposal, an agreement with the county will have to be signed.

Cumbest said one major goal is for a firm to go in the hospital, research the ongoing problems in all departments, and find ways to fix those issues by looking at what other community hospitals are doing to remain stable.

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