Hancock Co. coroner race heating up

Hancock Co. coroner race heating up
Chris Ladner (Photo Source: WLOX News)
Chris Ladner (Photo Source: WLOX News)

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The election for the Hancock County Coroner's seat is just a couple of weeks away. The two men vying for the post will go head to head August 4th.

Incumbent Jim Faulk has had the job for the past four years.

His opponent Chris Ladner says his 16 years as a volunteer firefighter in the Leetown community has helped prepare him for the position.

Each candidate says he deserves the nod from voters.

"I'm Jim Faulk your County Coroner and I'd like to have your vote on August 4th, " said Faulk as he spoke with a Bay St. Louis man who answered Faulk's knock.

The two Republican coroner's candidates have been busy on the campaign trail in recent weeks knocking on doors, trying to convince residents each deserves their votes.

"I'm Chris Ladner, I'm running for Hancock County Coroner, I'd just like to ask for y'all vote and support," said Ladner to a Leetown woman that answered his knock on her door.

Ladner has been chief of the Leetown volunteer fire department for the past 3 years.

Jim Faulk says his experience on the job and qualifications is why he should have four more years.

"I graduated from the University of South Alabama in criminal justice and sociology and graduate school in Kentucky, law school in Atlanta. At 63 years old I graduated from post graduate medical school division pathology. Then I could be a competent Coroner," explained Faulk.

Candidate Ladner says he learned a lot from long time Hancock County coroner, the late Norma Stiglet.

Ladner said, "Miss Norma Stiglet had her high school diploma, was a wonderful person she knew how to treat the families knew how to take care of people in their time of need and that means more to me than any degree ever will. I have my associates degree in applied science. I have many certifications through the fire service."

But Faulk says education is key conducting successful death investigations.

"Medical records are complicated sometimes you've got two or three inches of information to work with from different hospitals on the same individual, if you don't have medicine if you don't have forensic medicine how are you going to interpret that to come up with an under lining cause of death?" asked Faulk.

Ladner said, "I'm a machinist as a background, but I bring 16 years in the fire service, 12 as a first responder to the table with experience. I've experienced deaths in the county and experienced dealings with the coroner Miss Stiglet, she taught me about the compassion and professionalism that a family needs. "

Faulk said, "The families that I have dealt with in their worst time know about my compassion and my concern for them. I'll sit there with many families and cry right along with them."

The voters will have the final say on Election Day.

Since both men are republican candidates. The winner of the race should be determined during the August 4th primary.

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