Gautier to develop Waterfront Development Advisory Committee

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - If you have a love for the great outdoors, specifically the coastal water, the City of Gautier needs your help.

"We have the Pascagoula River, Graveline Bayou, just multiple bayous and streams and lots of opportunities for kayaking and fishing and paddle boarding," Economic Development Director Chandra Nicholson said.

Gautier's Mayor and economic director admit the city is behind when it comes to waterfront activities and they're are hoping to change that by creating a new waterfront development advisory committee.

"We are establishing a committee of eight or nine people to look at our waterfront from recreational to commercial to environmental," said Mayor Gordon Gollott.

"We are looking for someone in the tourism industry or someone who familiar with the tourism industry. We are looking for someone who is very familiar with the seafood industry, someone that is familiar with construction of waterfront facilities," said Nicholson about the search.

The goal is for the group to come up with great ideas to flow with the city's vision of creating new public access piers, a river walk, hazardous mitigation plans and much more.

"This is a great example of what the advisory committee can look at, this is one of our BP projects we have submitted this is Sweatman Beach, and it would be a public access beach and all land is for sale. We are probably one of the only Mississippi Coastal Cities that don't have a public access beach," said Nicholson.

City leaders are confident the waterfront enhancements will improve the quality of life for residents and attract new waves of tourists Gautier.

"We have 100 miles of waterfront and nature's tourism is out logo," said the Mayor.

For more information about the committee, please call Gautier City Hall at (228) 497-8000.

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