Rain hits Bay Harbor Fest, but music doesn't miss a beat

Rain hits Bay Harbor Fest, but music doesn't miss a beat
The blazing sun got tucked behind the clouds Saturday afternoon at the third annual Bay Harbor Fest.
The storm created a little damage and put the schedule a little off, but those who came for a good time, found it.
“This festival, it’s live music outdoors,” said John Reed of Long Beach. “And here we are under the sun. Got a little shade going on. The clouds. It’s wonderful out here. Coming hear all these bands. We’ve got local people, we’ve got people from far away. It’s wonderful.”
The festival offered plenty of art, crafts and food of all types.
But the main attraction? The music.
Saturday's event drew hundreds if not thousands to downtown, the harbor and beach - particularly to watch the headliner of the evening, Gregg Allman.
Event director Mike Rosato says he’s trying to bring a mixture of Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores and Jazz Fest in New Orleans together.
And he got high marks from festivalgoers.
“We think the promoters are doing a great job,” said Sharon Weathersby of New Orleans. “They’ve really organized a good festival, and we’re just so happy to be here.”
Jude Ferry is from Bay St. Louis, but this is her first time at the festival.

“We have a lot of arts and crafts from all the way from Ocean Springs to New Orleans,” she said. “So it is a good time. Good things. Good food. Good people. Good friends. Good music.

It drew Stanley Taylor from New Orleans for the second time.
“Any time they have some good music, that’s where I'm going to be at. Got good music, good vibes, good food, good people. Kind of sounds like America. ... The weather’s been an element, but hey I’m a retired mailman so I go in between the rain drops.”

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