Local law enforcement weigh in on terrorism response

Local law enforcement weigh in on terrorism response

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Here on the coast local law enforcement have protocol in place to deal with a terror situation. Biloxi Police Sgt. Louis Moran said a lot of what police do is on the front end of a potential attack.

"We try to interdict a lot of these incidences before they have a chance to go operational. Whether they are through someone noticing someone taking pictures, or videotaping or taking notes that look suspicious," said Sgt. Moran.

Sgt. Moran said those are all reports or tips that are indicators of a potential crime police look for, to try and confirm and hopefully stop before the potential crime manifests.

But when a crime is executed, like in the case of the Chattanooga shootings, where officials have said they are treating it as an "act of domestic terrorism," Sgt. Moran said there is a procedure in place for Biloxi police to deal with the suspect or suspects.

"Our initial response would be to the crime scene itself and trying to identify public safety hazards and protection of the pubic and officers, negate any further injuries or death. We would approach it from an active shooter prospective," said Sgt. Moran.

Sgt. Moran said his department has several community partners and other law enforcement agencies that it works hand in hand with. If a domestic or international terrorist should ever hit the Biloxi area he said the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force would be notified. Sgt. Moran said his department is also physically prepared for a potential attack.

"Most of the training that we do is the training for an active shooter would be the same type of training for responding to a domestic terror situation where there might be gun fire or potential post blast type of situation. A lot of the things that we are trained in overlap," he said.

Now if you ever suspect suspicious activity you can share that with law enforcement by sending in a tip.

The tip line at Biloxi police is 228-435-6159.

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