Mayor: $1.3M beachfront improvement project coming to Waveland

Mayor: $1.3M beachfront improvement project coming to Waveland

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Waveland Mayor Mike Smith publicly announced Wednesday his plan to put restroom facilities at the most populated area on the beachfront. It's a $1.3 million project that will double as the city's newest tourist attraction when completed.

Smith kicked off the Hancock Chamber's morning coffee talk by updating the crowd on a number of infrastructure projects. However, it was a lighthouse comfort station that stole the audience's attention.

"This is our dream and our goal. We have half the money saved up for it. It has bathrooms, an elevator in it and it has enough room to where you could have a party on it outside if you wanted," said Smith.

Right now, the most populated area on the beachfront in Waveland offers only portable toilets.

"I think it would be cool to have some nice bathrooms and some showers out here to wash the sand off your feet and get cleaned up before you get into your vehicle," said Stefan Alison, a Hancock County resident.

The lighthouse comfort station will go up on the beach between the Veterans Memorial and the Garfield Ladner Pier. It will tower 70 feet above the sand.

"It will have a tower, and the light is interchangeable with the seasons. It will have a huge deck to where you could have parties or weddings, whatever the case is," said Smith

Smith said it will be Waveland's newest tourist attraction.

"We could really have something better than portalets. I think a lighthouse will definitely attract more people just to come see and come see the view of it," said Alison.

Cody Page, a friend of Alison, said it would be good for visitors.

"It would be good for tourist people who have never been here before. It would be nice to come take pictures of it," Page said.

City leaders say it's just a matter of time before their light house dream becomes reality.

The city has been saving the tidelands trust money it receives from the state to make the project happen. They have about half the money now.

Smith says he plans to ask the board of supervisors for financial assistance with the project.

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