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Part Two: Favre 4 Ever


Brett Favre is a living legend.  He was the key player who helped turn what had become a run of the mill NFL team into a Super Bowl contender.

From 1968 through the 1991 season, the Packers cracked the playoffs only twice and posted only six winning seasons.

When Favre was traded to Green Bay from Atlanta in 1992...the Packers took on a new attitude.

Favre said, "I feel really proud the fact that Ron Wolf, myself and Mike Holmgren and Reggie White and so many other players can honestly say that we, we were the ones who really started the change."

Favre says his first experience with the Packers veteran offensive linemen wasn't a good one.

"We were getting killed by Tampa, "stated Favre. "The five offensive lineman were older guys.  They had been around for a long time and can't tell you exactly what they said, but the G-version was like...get rid of the ball, don't hold it, just throw it away.  We don't want to block that long.  So, let's get this over with and I was like...No!  I'm going to scramble.  I'm going to extend the play.  They blocked and looked and OK here he comes again, got to block again and that's the way I was.  We were going to change the culture."

Favre did just that.
From 1992 through 2007, Favre guided Green Bay to 7 NFC Central Division titles and two Super Bowls, winning Super Bowl XXI in the Big Easy, New Orleans.

Favre says his dad, Irvin, his high school football coach at Hancock North Central, instilled something that stuck with him his entire football career.

"Toughness, "said Favre.  "There's no doubt he taught toughness.  There was not much room for sissies in our house.  Every once in a while I wanted, OK son?  But I never got that.  You know, it's like, you're fine, you're fine and most of the time I was fine."  He added, "I don't know what he was thinking but I've got to believe that if my son is going to be a good football player, you've got to be tough and not only that, teams that he plays for, fans, coaches...they have to rely on him."

Favre says he never settled for second best.

"It seemed like for me I always played or practiced or when I spoke like I had a chip on my shoulder, "stated Favre.  "And whether it was justified or not.  That's the way I motivated myself. If people are asking for advice I would say always have a chip on your shoulder.  You should never feel like you have arrived, you have accomplished everything and there's no need to push yourself any further. I always pushed myself."

That toughness Favre's dad instilled in him was a major factor in Brett setting a record that may never be broken by another NFL quarterback.
He's the all-time leader in consecutive starts by an NFL quarterback, spanning 19 total seasons of pro football.  Favre started 321 consecutive games.  Injuries didn't keep him on the sidelines.

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