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Karate Kids from Koast Karate Klub in Pascagoula ready for Coast Karate Club Classic


11-year-old Jennifer Thompson is a veteran of six-years of Karate competition.  She's a member of the Koast Karate Klub and her instructor Hayward Butler says she amazing.

"She's a brown belt, almost going to red and she's won numerous double and triples and Competitor of the Year, "stated Butler.  "Competitor of the Year, you have the most points of anybody in her age group in that division."

Through Karate, Thompson has developed self confidence and that's one of the goals of karate.  She's also developed a special ability to compete and win.

Thompson said, "state Champion in Kata and Kumite, which is fighting for like since I was five and it's gotten better as to where I've been winning."

So what goal is Jennifer pursuing?

"I want to achieve to get a black belt and get my degrees an stuff, "said Thompson.

Turner Antoon says he got interested in taking up Karate when he received a gift at his fifth birthday party.

He said, "My cousin got me a Karate suit and I started Karate."

Antoon is expected to add to his list of titles on July 18th at the Koast Karate Klub Classic.

Antoon said, "I got first in Kata and first in sparring."

Instructor Butler said, "His first year he didn't compete, but his second year hd did and won a double State Championship  which means he won two.  He won one in the Forms Division and one in the Fighting Division."

Antoon and Thompson, two young Karate Champions, who if they continue competing in the sport, will eventually become Black Belts. 

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