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Pascagoula church spreads love through community service

(Photo source: WLOX) (Photo source: WLOX)
(Photo source: WLOX) (Photo source: WLOX)
(Photo source: WLOX) (Photo source: WLOX)

A Pascagoula church and its parishioners sacrificed their Saturday to show God's love across the Coast in a unique way. As Patrice Clark reports, Oasis Church held its first community service day to bless people by doing good deeds.

“It is not about the projects, it is about the people,” said the Rev. Eric Camp.

Camp pumped up his congregation with a pep talk right before it hit the streets on a mission to spread God's love.

“Instead of going to church, we are going to be the church. We are serving many different projects,” Camp said.

The more than 300 parishioners, dressed in red service shirts, trekked from Harrison to Jackson County, helping out wherever they could.

Over in Moss Point, volunteers worked up a sweat passing out free, cold bottles of water to drivers. Volunteer Justin Ryan didn't mind giving up his Saturday because it was for a good cause.

“I want to help people and let God know I am helping people,” Ryan said.

In Pascagoula, Oasis parishioners got their hands dirty cleaning and sprucing up several parts of town.

“Yes, it is hot our here. We are out here landscaping Pascagoula High School, and we're just showing the love for the community and showing Oasis loves them," said volunteer Jaeden Ridgeway.

Camp and his wife agree. They also believe the church has to do a better job of leading to improve lives and promote unity.

“I think in the culture we live in today with all the adversity and all turmoil and tension and all the violence, the church is still the church. The church should be the place where they find help. The church has love. That love that I believe everyone is looking for,” said Camp.

“It is about time we all find something we can agree on instead of disagreeing. We can agree to love each other and that we should love each other,” said the Rev. Toni Camp.

The volunteers are happy they could be a light of love and bless others. They pledge to continue doing one service project at a time.

The volunteer teams also spruced up the beaches, visited nursing homes and donated supplies to the homeless and families in need.  Camp and his wife plan to host this community service day next year.

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