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Brett Favre says Packers GM Ron Wolf had a major impact on his NFL career


Brett Favre gave 16 years of his life in helping rebuild the Packers into NFL contenders and Green Bay became his second home.

Favre says Green Bay General Manager Ron Wolf knew that he could have a major impact on the impact that would rub off on his teammates.

Favre never settled for average, he always aimed high and Wolf knew that and that's why he made the trade for Brett in 1992.

Favre said, "You make that move because first of all you think that guy can play.  You think he fits into what you're doing. But you also, I would think, a smart GM would make that move thinking this guy cannot only play at a high level, but he can elevate everyone around him to maybe a level that these guys didn't think they could get to and also in the meantime change the culture and he's never going to settle for average.
Can you know all that when you study a player? I suppose that's why Ron Wolf is going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year."

At 27-years-old, Favre led Green Bay to the Super XXXI Championship title in New Orleans, a thrilling win over the New England Patriots.

When he left Green Bay after the 2008 season and played with the Jets and later with the Vikings, Packer fans gave a thumbs down to Favre.  Those thumbs are back up in Green Bay and the roar of Packers fans once again will be cheering for No. 4.   Green Bay will also retire Favre's jersey number becoming only one of six Packers to achieve that honor.

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