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D'Iberville woman injured in head-on crash is improving

Bethanie Jones Bethanie Jones

A 27-year-old D'Iberville woman injured in a head-on collision is now breathing on her own. Friends of Bethanie Jones said she has been taken off a ventilator, she is responding and getting stronger.

Jones was hit by a driver last Tuesday on the Popp's Ferry Bridge. The driver of the SUV that hit Jones, William McKinnley Horner, 28, was arrested on suspicion of DUI.
Jones' loved ones said she loves her friends, family, faith and fashion. She works at Stein Mart and enjoys dressing the mannequins and customers.

"Every day she's just our sunshine. She really is. She's just positive, just real sweet," Stephanie Canonici said. "Lots of regulars come here just for her, and she dresses everyone for anything and loves it. She really loves it."

Jones' boss, Mary Murphy, got choked up talking about her. 

"Bethanie works everyday with me, so everyday I'm missing Bethanie. She's like my daughter," Murphy said.

Canonici, Murphy and Devona Roberts have worked with Jones for nearly a decade. They said she is family to them.

"She's just a sweetheart," Roberts said. "You can go and talk to her about anything. She never has a bad thing to say. She just has the sweetest spirit, kind hearted. There's a major void here without her."

Jones has been in ICU since the crash. She was leaving work when she was in the accident.

"I was working that day," Canonici said. "She looked beautiful that day too. We had a great day together, so I cherish that."

Roberts was on vacation when she received the devastating news.

"My first day back here I just kept looking for her. I had so many things I wanted to show her," Roberts said. "It's just hard her not being here and knowing the struggles she's going through right now."

Christine Carroll is another good friend of Jones. They met about a year ago when Carroll worked at Stein Mart.

"Bethanie is a really funny girl," Carroll said. "She’s always very optimistic about everything. Every time she would come to work she would always be in a good mood and always put everyone in a good mood. I would always hope she would be at work whenever I was scheduled to work, because it was always more fun and I always like to gossip with her. We would go to lunch and I just miss talking to her every single day."

Carroll has been to Mobile to visit with Jones and said her friend is getting stronger every day.

"She is responding," Carroll said. "Whenever you walk into the room and talk to her she smiles, and she will give you a thumbs up and she will wave. If you hold her hand, she will squeeze your hand tightly, so she is responding and is getting much better."

Jones had a massive stroke after the accident and underwent brain surgery and surgery for her broken femur and ankle. A friend said doctors are very optimistic about her recovery.

All those who love Jones are keeping up and rejoicing with each step of progress. While they know it will be a while until Jones can return to work, they all want her to know they are behind her.

"I love you, and you are not alone with this. We are praying for you," Roberts said.

"Our sunshine over here is gone and we want her back," Canonici said.

If you would like to help Jones with medical bills, a GoFundMe account has been set up. Also, there's a fundraiser Monday at Pop’s Pizzeria between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. A Zumbathon for Jones is in the works for the beginning of August.

You can stay up to date on Jones' recovery and other fundraisers by checking out the Prayers for Bethanie Facebook page.

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