Some Spring Breakers Say They Feel Unwanted At Edgewater Mall

Edgewater Mall was open Saturday, but things were much different there than they were last year during Black Spring Break.

Things were fairly quiet inside the mall Friday night and Saturday. Fewer people were shopping. Merchants say that sales are down from last year and are less than on a typical Saturday.

Students say they don't feel wanted here, in part because there they say security guards are everywhere and they're feeling harassed.

"If we come up in the mall with a camera, they're escorting us out, then when we get ready to leave, they're having a video camera on us on top of the roof videotaping, making sure we leave the lot, so I don't know why they're doing it," Marcus Williams, a student from Memphis, said. "We didn't cause no problems last year."

The mall manager says there is the same amount of security as last year and management has not tried to keep anybody away.

"The doors are open, even in the paper and all we've published that we'll be open our normal business hours, and if they heard rumors that we're closed, of course, that's untrue," Edgewater Mall manager Byron Banks said.

Some stores in the mall did close early Friday night.