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Woman attacked and robbed walking to her car in Biloxi

A woman claims she was attacked by a robber in this Belk parking lot in Biloxi. (Photo source: WLOX News) A woman claims she was attacked by a robber in this Belk parking lot in Biloxi. (Photo source: WLOX News)

A young woman attacked and robbed in the parking lot hopes her terrifying story will remind others to always be alert. "This can happen to you and it might because I never thought it would happen to me and it did," Lindsey Ester said. It was 8:45 Monday evening, Ester was walking from Belk in Biloxi to her car which was parked in the second spot the lot.

Ester said a skinny, tall black male who had short dreads with bleached tips came up behind her, knocked her down trying to grab her purse which was wrapped across her body.

"He started dragging me because I latched onto it. It was around me. I was freaking out," Ester said. "He started telling me to let it go and I looked him right in the eyes and I remember the only thing I asked him was, what is wrong with you. And he was like let it go, let it go."

The suspect eventually got Ester's purse and took off running.

"At that point I could feel blood coming down my neck and stuff. So I started getting really scared," Ester said. "My first reaction was to run back inside where there were people and I came in and screamed somebody help me, blood was dripping and it was all down my shirt and my back."

She said several people rushed to help her including a woman who was sitting in her car and saw it all. The woman told Ester she saw the man walking up behind her and set off her car alarm to try and scare him, but it didn't work.

Looking back Ester wishes she could have done things a little differently. She said she was testing and wasn't paying attention walking to her car.

"I felt safe because I've been here my whole life and so definitely my main thing is I like to shop alone, but I'll never shop alone again, if I do I definitely won't walk to my car parked in a dark parking lot by myself," Ester said, "I'll definitely have my phone up. So I can actually see the people that are around me because I didn't even see him coming."

The mall has security guards on site 24/7 and security cameras are currently being installed throughout the entire property.

Edgewater Mall's Michelle Rogers said the security officers are there for protection.

"If someone feels uncomfortable or feels unsure they don't want to go outside alone they can go back inside the mall or back inside the store and they can contact security and security will be happy to escort them to their car," Rogers said.

Biloxi Police Investigator Grander Everett said things like this don't happen on a regular basis, but they do happen.

"We have seen people in the past who have tried to fight them off and some have been successful in doing so, but we have also had the opposite where people have tried to fight them off and ended up getting severely injured," Everett said. "I would recommend if they are that focused on getting what you have, just drop it let it go. There is no item worth you losing your life or being severely injured."

If you ever become a victim Everett said it's helpful to try and get a description of the suspect.

"If you can maintain some type of contact or visual on that person getting clothing description, approximate height or weight, or something distinguishing about that individual," Everett said. "At the same time we are wanting to get you to a safe location. So create some distance to put yourself in a better situation. At the end of the day it's all about safety and we don't want you to jeopardize your safety over trying to see what type of pants this person is wearing.

If something doesn't feel right, Everett said don't hesitate to call police.

"There's that common saying the hair standing up on the back of your neck if something is wrong, so if you come out and something doesn't feel right take a couple minutes," Everett said. "Slow down, kind of access the information, but if you are still not feeling better about it you can always call. We have a non-emergency number it's 228-392-0641 and that goes directly to our community "

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