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Zoo: A look behind the scenes of the new CBS thriller

Pictured (L-R) Kristen Connolly as Jamie and Billy Burke as Mitch (Photo source: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/CBS) Pictured (L-R) Kristen Connolly as Jamie and Billy Burke as Mitch (Photo source: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/CBS)

Imagine a world where animals of all kinds suddenly start attacking humans. A team of scientists, journalists and animal experts try to unlock the mystery behind the deadly attacks. The CBS series Zoo takes viewers to every corner of earth in search of answers.

Producers used locations and film studios in New Orleans and I had the chance to meet the stars of Zoo and look behind the scenes of this entertaining and alarming series.

James Wolk plays Zoologist Jackson Oz who is thrust into a mission to unlock the mystery of why animals are turning on mankind. We caught up with Wolk at a sound stage in New Orleans. Many of Zoo's scenes are being shot on sets in the Crescent City. Wolk thinks the story is fascinating and frightening.

"It's a very dark theme. The idea that animals, which outnumber humans, are turning on us is a scary thing. It's mysterious. It builds in a dramatic way. I think the audience will enjoy that," said Wolk.

Zoo is based on the best selling novel of the same name by James Patterson, who serves as executive director on the show.

French Actress Nora Arnezeder was cast in the role of Chloe, who is investigating the international pandemic of strange animal behavior. The story touches the serious subject of man's impact on the environment and the animal kingdom.

"It leaves a message. I think it's important how humans treat the planet and the relationship we have with animals," Arnezeder said.

"The animals want to take it back. They think it's time. Some would say it's the next evolutionary stage that we'll become extinct because of the way we treat the planet," said actor Nonso Anozie, who plays a safari guide on the show.

Many locations around south Louisiana have been used for scenes in Zoo. The Global Wildlife Center in Robert, Louisiana has been used extensively and segments have been shot at the Audubon Zoo and Louis Armstrong Airport. Sets have been built in a warehouse on the Westbank and the cast has been working and living in New Orleans.

"I've enjoyed shooting here. There's great culture and restaurants and bars. I like everything about this place. It's a nice place to live," Wolk said.

Zoo is a fascinating adventure and the story is compelling. The idea of animals rebelling against mankind with deadly consequences keeps the audience and the actors guessing.

"The characters are going through the same thing the audience is, wondering what the hell is going on. Part of the fun of it is trying to figure out what's happening. That not knowing will keep the audience coming back week after week," said actress Kristen Connolly.

All of the actors confessed that Zoo will get more interesting and more shocking with every episode.

You can watch the show every Tuesday night at 8 on WLOX CBS. Learn more about the show online: http://www.cbs.com/shows/zoo/

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