Black Spring Break Causes Traffic Problem On Interstate Ten

Thousands of Black Spring Breakers visited the Coast Saturday. Traffic along Highway 90 and Pass Road for the most part was slow but was moving. However, there were numerous complaints from local residents who were caught up in traffic snarls on Interstate Ten.

Police from time to time Saturday afternoon and evening diverted traffic from Highway 90 onto Interstate Ten causing traffic to back up for miles. A number of local residents told WLOX News that they were stuck in traffic for up to two hours. Police officers also closed a number of I-10 exits forcing residents to drive miles out of their way.

Police apologized for the back up but said it was necessary to keep traffic on the beach moving so it would not become one big traffic jam.

Most Spring Breakes said they were having a good time. However, some said they thought there were too many police officers.

Police did strictly enforce traffic rules. By noon on Saturday 200 cars had been towed to a make shift impoundment lot at the Coast Coliseum. Law enforcement is citing people for traffic violations ranging from illegal parking to driving in the emergency lanes. To retrieve their vehicles, violators must pay 100 dollars cash.

Authorities say they have made about 100 arrests. Most of those were for traffic offenses or misdemeanor charges of public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and minor drug possession. Also one member of the God Squad was also arrested. A police spokesman said Christine Brice was arrested and charged with interfering with police officers who were trying to arrest some of the Spring Breakers.

Edgewater Mall merchants said fewer people were shopping Saturday. Merchants aid sales are down from last year, and are less than on a typical Saturday.