Black Spring Breakers Talk About How They Are Having A Good Time

The second day of this year's Spring Break got into full swing on Saturday. Visitors from around the country spent the early part of the day walking along the beach trying to see the sights. Anita Spencer of Meridian says Black Spring Break is the kind of event that everyone should experience at least once.

"This is a different experience for me and I've been having a good time. I really have," said Anita Spencer

Some visitors, many of them college students, say they came to Coast to have a good time and they are finding different ways to do just that.

Melvin Boudraux of Louisiana said "We're hanging out. bike riding enjoying ourselves barbecuing and every body trying to have a good time."

But not everyone is enjoying themselves. Traffic problems made this Vicksburg group decide to pack for home early.

"We had trouble with the police," said Toy Davis of Vicksburg. "We told them we were about to run out of gas from riding those 4 and a half almost 5 hours. They said they didn't care. Go down three or four more miles and go to the gas station down there. Tell you the truth. I'll never come again.

Danielle Jones enjoys watching the guys walk by.

Jones said "Down here is really straight. It's cool. It's pretty. It's a nice place to be."

This is where many of the college students say they plan to be at least until Spring Break is over.

by Danielle Thomas