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Koast Karate Klub has built a winning reputation since 1964


The Koast Karate Klub has been named School of the Year for six consecutive years and that's based on the number of state champions.

Experience can best describe the school's instructors. Lynn Rouse has been teaching martial arts for 47 years. Hayward Butler has 40 years of teaching experience and Danny Davis has been an instructor at the Koast Karate Klub for 42 years.

Each has been named State Instructor of the Year and have developed champions from 4-years-old up to adults...both men and women.

Rouse said, "One of the reasons we have a lot of winners is when we take them to a tournament they know what the judges look for, so they're able to give their very best."

Both Rouse and Butler obtained their blackbelts in 1976.  Butler is now the head instructor of Koast Karate Klub.  He says to get the most out of your students, you have to gain their respect.

"When you get respect you can get a lot more out of the kids, "stated Butler.  "We want discipline, but we don't want to force discipline, we want them to earn it."  

Butler says once they compete in Karate, they will excel on and off the mat thanks to self discipline they learn at the Koast Karate Klub.

"By doing that, those kids grow up, in whatever they do, they're going to accomplish what they're trying to do, "Butler said.  "Whether it be in martial arts or in business.  That's our goal."

To be the best is something the Koast Karate Klub has achieved over the years.  Members from the Koast Karate Klub have captured hundreds of trophies and they'll be taking aim on more titles later this month.

The 2015 Koast Karate Klub Classic is set for July 18 at the Aaron Jones Interactive Center on Market Street in Pascagoula.  Karate schools from through Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida will be competing.

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