Foggy Morning Turns Dangerous For Some South Mississippians

The midnight fog on Highway 63 near the power plant was so thick, the driver of an 18-wheeler didn't see flashing red lights in front of him until it was too late.

"We were basically just driving along and out of nowhere I saw red lights up just flashing and I realize, 'Oh, railroad track crossing.' I slammed on the brakes. I didn't see the train until I hit it," truck driver Chip Berry said.

Berry said he's never been in an accident before. Looking at the damage, he's surprised he survived.

"It threw me onto the dash and then back into the sleeper right as all of the cars where stacking up on the truck. I'll tell you what, God was with me. That's all I can say."

Berry was hauling Nissans from the Canton Plant. None fell off, but some were damaged.

"I'll make you a good deal on a Nissan," one man jokingly said.

As D.E.Q cleaned up the 150 gallons of diesel fuel on the road, a loud bang sounded near by. A car of teens hit the same train on the other side.

"About a quarter mile down, we saw cop lights, so we started to brake. At first we thought it was wreck then we said, no, it's not a wreck. Then we thought it was a road block, then we thought, no it's not a roadblock, go on. Then I get up a little bit farther and that's when I saw more cop lights and then just like that, before I even had a chance to stop, we wrecked," Motorist Herman Rogers says.

Rogers says it was a scarry moment. Even scarier because he, like Berry, just didn't see it coming.