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Cresote/Highway 49 Ranks Tops In Accidents

Seventy-one thousand vehicles zoom in all directions through the Highway 49/Creosote Road intersection everyday. That makes it one of the most heavily traveled on the Coast.

Police say knowing how to drive it means paying attention, something they say people don't do enough.

Alfred Sexton of the Gulfport Police Department says, "The best thing that we advise people to do when they're traveling in this area or any major intersection especially something like this when we have a large amount of growth up here is to pay attention. Avoid using your cell phone, avoid trying to discipline your children in this area and all those things that come into play."

"It's the intersection with the most crashes and it's simply because of the amount of traffic here," says Transportation Commissioner Wayne Brown.

The intersection was designed in the 1960s when the number of cars wasn't such a big concern. By today's traffic count, Brown says it's outdated. He says there have been talks between the state and the county on ways to improve it but no concrete plans.

"Ours dealing with putting in an on-ramp and a new off ramp off of Interstate ten dedicated strictly to Creosote Road which would cause us to buy out a number of these, in fact all of these service stations would have to be bought out. That would cost millions of dollars and it's not something that we have in our five year plan or three year plan."

Number two on the dangerous list is Highway 90 and Washington Avenue in Ocean Springs. Since January first of last year there were 69 accidents there. The Chicot Road/Highway 90 intersection in Pascagoula comes in third.

byMarcia Hill

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