Spring Break At The Coliseum

As the sun went down, Gulfport quieted and Biloxi heated up. College kids from all over made their way to the Coliseum grounds to park and look around at several vendors that are setting up shop for the weekend.

But, the real party is out on the beach and boardwalk that runs along Highway 90. Marquez Moultrie, a spring breaker, said, everybody is going to have a good time, everybody is going to hang out, ain't going to be none of that craziness out here, we're going to do our thing.

Another spring breaker, Eureka Hargrove said they are just here to have a lot of fun, and just enjoy themselves. Visitor Leonarda Dickey said, I missed it last year, but we're going to do it this year baby.

And, do it they are, the kids are out having a good time and enjoying the beach and each other something that they really didn't get to do last year with all of the traffic congestion. The traffic is moving and they are parking, to enjoy their Spring Break 2001.

For spring breaker James Sayles this is a break from taking finals, nothing else to do have fun we don't have nothing else to do, have fun spring break.

Tashonda Barnes traveled all the way from Virginia Beach to check it out.

Spring Breaker Jermaine says he's just ready for a little fun and some time to mellow out. He says we don't want it to happen like it did last year and everybody else said that it looked controversial against everybody doing they thing, but we want to do everybody's thing, the police thing, the rules thing, the law thing.

Unlike last year law enforcement officials are keeping the traffic flowing by towing cars that stop on Highway 90.