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Stennis rocket test goes off without a hitch

(Photo source: NASA) (Photo source: NASA)

The John C. Stennis Space Center is helping to move NASA closer to a new era of deep space exploration. Thursday, engineers fired up a Space Launch System RS-25 rocket engine for its fourth test of the year.

The nearly 11 minute test firing was the longest successful test run for the rocket yet.

Stennis officials said the RS-25 rocket is designed to carry humans deeper into space than ever before. The core stage of the Space Launch System rocket will be powered by four RS-25 engines.

The main purpose of the test series is to test the rocket's performance under a variety of variables and conditions. The series is also testing a new “brain” for the engine.

The first test of the rocket was in January, and testing resumed in May after work was completed on an industrial water system needed to deliver tens of thousands of gallons of water to the engine during the test.

Stennis officials said three additional tests are scheduled for July and August.

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