Coast Guard Crews Seizes 4,000 Pounds Of Drugs On First Mission

It was the first welcome home celebration for the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Shamal.

"You're a good boy. Daddy missed you," Lt.Commander Joe Raymond says to his son.

"It was a long time. It's good to be home again," Another seaman says.

And as soon as they set foot on dry land, they started sharing their stories, stories of a mission in which the crew seized more than four thousand pounds of drugs.

"We just swung into action. The guys on board did exactly what they were supposed to do. It was textbook," Raymond says.

The crew confiscated two thousand pounds of marijuana and two thousand pounds of cocaine in two separated operations during the five week mission.

They say the suspects tried almost everything to avoid capture, including trying to escape.

"We had a chase for about fifteen minutes chasing down the suspect vessel," Seaman Jeff Ryan says.

To attempting to ditch the evidence.

"They actually threw them overboard when they saw us. They saw us way before we saw them," Jushua Danchenko says.

While the crew credits the speed of their new vessel along with it's hi-tech equipment for making the busts.

Their commander says it was the crew itself and the training they received that made the mission such a success.

"I'm really proud of these guys. They were ready to go on their first patrol. They were ready to make two really good cases and keep 2000 pounds of marijuana and 2000 pounds of cocaine off the streets."

Now the crew returns home from a job well done.

For some families, this first mission also marked the first time they were separated from their loved ones.

Now they're just happy to have them home.