Florists Brace for Valentine's Day Rush

Valentine's Day is here, and many people are sure to be scurrying at the last moment to get something special for their sweetheart on this romantic holiday.

According to one national survey 30-percent of people wait until Valentine's Day or the day before to order or purchase gifts for their loved ones.

This is something local florists know all too well.

Two-toned roses, leonids and tulips are just waiting to be plucked from a refrigerator at Genie the Florist on Cedar Lake Road to be used in a floral arrangement for some lucky guy or girl on Valentine's Day.

In the back of the store, Kathy Mitchell and Jennifer Rich rub their hands raw trying to fill more than a hundred orders that have been placed for Valentine's Day over the weekend.

"We're just busy. That's the best way to describe it. You work until you get finished, and you kill yourself, but you love it," Mitchell says.

With 14 years combined experience in the business, Kathy and Jennifer know the real rush will come on Valentine's Day when last-minute orders come flooding in.

"You don't sit, you don't eat. You just work. You wait on people, and you work all day long," Rich said.

As with each year, red roses are the most popular choice, but demand for different types of floral arrangements is also on the rise.

"This year we've had people doing mixed arrangements, just different types of flowers," Rich said.

There plenty of flowers to choose from. like carnations, mums and star-gazer lillies, and the arrangement you choose can express more than words can say.

"Yellow is friendship, so that's always popular because that doesn't say that you love her, but you do care about her. Pink is fascination. White is innocence and security. So it just depends on how far along you are," Rich said.

Regardless of color, shape or size, flowers are an unmistakable reflection of admiration and appreciation.