Coast Tourists Drawn For More Than Spring Break

Some visitors here on the Coast this weekend came for events other than the big spring break party. A national guard convention is in town, as well as a veterans reunion, along with other meetings.

One family came down from Indiana while their children were on spring break. The Milewskis say they had no idea they might have to share the beach with thousands of expected college kids.

They say they saw the road signs warning of the event, but they weren't sure what they meant.

"We thought maybe there'd be a lot of kids coming," Rich Milewski said. "There's not that many right now, but you know there'll probably be a little bit of excitement here tonight."

His wife Jane isn't sure what to expect this weekend.

"I didn't know what kind of events it would be," she said. "I thought it was a parade."

Other tourists we talked to say they're not sure how long they'll stay on the coast. It just depends how bad traffic and crowds get.