Ocean Springs School Rallies To Support Teacher

They carried "get well" posters and yelled special cheers as they marched around the school.

Students and teachers at Taconi Elementary in Ocean Springs are rallying to support a teacher who has leukemia.

Martha Savage went on medical leave early last month. Since then, students have tried to raise her spirits by sending cards and raising money.

They walked around the playground and cheered.

"What'd you say? Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Miss Savage, hey hey, Miss Savage. Can't hear you!"

The walk-a-thon followed the field day events at Taconi. But this march was not about competition. It's all about caring.

"Martha Savage is just our family, part of our Taconi family. And her illness has just devastated all of us. And the kids wanted to get involved and do something," Principal Margaret Brenke said.

The kids have been collecting money to help their teacher and friend. The walk-a-thon gave them a chance to voice their care and concern.

Student, Brittany Mohler, says the whole school is thinking about Miss Savage.

"Everybody's missing her and thinking about her and praying and everything. So, everything should be going good."

The message from these students is a simple one. They love their teacher and want her to get well soon. The cheers echoed across the school courtyard.

"Let's go Miss Savage, let's go. Let's go Miss Savage, let's go."

"We're trying to show Miss Savage how much we love her and support her here at this school. We want her back and we'll do anything we can to help her," one teacher said.

Miss Savage couldn't attend the march. She's in the hospital awaiting a bone marrow transplant. The students will send her a video tape.

"I just know she's a nice lady and she loves us all," one student said.

The enthusiasm at the walk-a-thon helped prove how much they all love Miss Savage.