Early Arrivals Enjoy Black Spring Break 2001

With a smile on his face, a spring breaker sat in Highway 90 traffic and boasted that he came "all the way from Florida. Gulf Coast Black Spring Break. I came last year. I'm back again."

Every southern state had representatives at the second Black Spring Break. They were all here to check out the early spring break sights. A Missouri visitor wore a St. Louis Rams uniform. He wanted the police patrolling the highway and the boardwalk to go home. "We're just having a good time. Ain't nobody trying to do it. We're down here representing St. Louis. We're loving it down here."

We spotted Eugene Terry and his Hattiesburg buddies on a third floor balcony along Highway 90. That had a perfect view of the beach. For these guys, the hotel was great spot to take in the early sights. "Bikinis," Terry said, "that's what I like. That's what I'm here for man. Women. The women, baby, the women."

At the other end of the balcony, Chiefa Fowler said he's in town for the women and a lot more. "Hey I'm sure trying to make this the best Black spring break," Fowler said, "my first one and my best one man for sure."

Darren Dantzler came over from Lafayette, La. He got to the boardwalk early. He plans on staying there until Black Spring Break ends. Dantlzer told us he "just came down to see some of the sights and get away from home, see what was happening."

For days, police have been wondering where the spring breakers would be going. The black beach week web site promoted three Biloxi nightclubs as places to hangout. Two are on Highway 90. The web site says spring break officially ends Sunday night at eight.