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Officials still warning of stolen fireworks danger after 2nd theft


You can now add a second theft of fireworks in Jackson County over the weekend. The latest occurred at a fireworks stand on Lemoyne Boulevard in St. Martin.

That one is considered potentially dangerous. But the first theft is considered potentially deadly.

In that one, 22 professional grade mortar shells were stolen. Sheriffs officials said it appears to be the work of juveniles, and they are concerned about their safety.

We located the company that was the victim of the first theft. Officials wanted their company to remain anonymous for fear of any copycat break-ins, but said the reason the shells are so dangerous is there a appears to be a fuse that could be lit. But it's not a fuse at all. In fact, if it is lit, the shells explode immediately. Anyone standing near them could be maimed or even killed.

He urges anyone who sees the shells to contact the sheriff's department or turn them in.

Meanwhile, the investigation is continuing with the help of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

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