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Meet the Shuckers bat boys

Shuckers bat boy uniform. (Image Source: WLOX News) Shuckers bat boy uniform. (Image Source: WLOX News)
Cleaning the cleats are just one of the duties of the bat boys. (Image Source: WLOX News) Cleaning the cleats are just one of the duties of the bat boys. (Image Source: WLOX News)

Thousands of people have now seen the Shuckers play a home game at MGM Park, but they probably have noticed the people standing in the dugout with a similar Shuckers uniform.

Only the uniform are a bit different bearing “BB” on the back instead of a number. These are the batboys.

“It's really demanding. You have to really pay attention. Not really on the game, but more like the little details that people don't really notice,” said Maurice Williams, who is a Shuckers batboy.

While most people see them running on and off the field grabbing bats or delivering balls to the umpire, they do quite a bit of work off the field, hours before the umpire yells, "Play ball."

“We get here way early before the fans get here. We leave a lot later than you probably think. I mean I've been getting out of here like 1:00 a.m. before, like it's really late. You have to be really dedicated and love what you do,” said Williams.

One of the Shuckers batboys is actually experienced. Gavin Schmidt said he actually had some practice when he spent a few years working for the San Francisco Giants during their Spring training.

“There's really not that much of a difference. I mean it's a little bit. It's really the guys act the same,” said Gavin Schmidt.

Schmidt said the duties for a minor league and major league team are similar.

“I fill up water coolers. I get the bats during the game. Bring the balls to the umpire. I'll put out sunflower seeds and towels. I'll sometimes fold laundry,” said Schmidt.

The Shuckers have four batboys and a bat girl. Even though the job requires a lot of hustling, these guys don't mind being the unsung heroes, because it's probably one of the coolest summer jobs they could have.

“This is a fun job. I mean I'm sure a bunch of other people would love to have this job. I mean it's one of the best jobs I think for a person that loves baseball could have at my age,” said Schmidt.

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