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Gautier man holds prayer vigil for Charleston

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Prayer, love and support has held hundreds of thousands of people together since the shooting tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina.    

Ministers and community leaders across the nation continue to uplift one another and those in Charleston, as the city tries to mend what's been broken.

"Thank you for this privilege to come to you Lord. I thank you for your love, kindness and tender mercy," Kevin Rouse said in prayer.

Saturday was an afternoon of prayer called by Kevin Rouse outside of Gautier City Hall. 

"We are in unity. We're here together. Praying, Lord, for these families," Rouse continued in prayer.

Those that joined the prayer circle were given a list of the names of the nine people who lost their lives Wednesday night. As the prayers went around, each victim, their families and community were lifted in prayer.

"Help those leaders over there in Charleston, heavenly Father. Bless those family members who have been left, some of them alone," one Gautier resident prayed.

"I know you're able to change everything. And we're asking you Lord for your help. For these families and our families, Lord," another resident said in prayer.

Prayer was not only extended to the lost lives and their families, but also to the 21-year-old that's been accused and arrested for the heinous crime. 

"It's the work of the devil, nothing else, dear Lord. Bring him back to you. Bring him into your arms. We forgive him dear Lord," Teddy Braxton said in prayer.    

Even though this tragedy has left many feeling heart broken and divided, these prayer warriors know that, through their strong faith, hearts will heal and the nation will be brought closer together.

"Even in the face of death, God, our witness is strong and true. Lord it's all because of you and your righteousness, and your holiness and your blood. It's in your powerful name that we pray, amen," Johnny Williams said ending the prayer circle.

Beginning Sunday 7 p.m., North Gautier Baptist Church will holding a revival where all are welcome. 

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