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Movie theater returns to Pearl River Co.

Acadiana Cinemas is the new theater in north Picayune. (Photo source: WLOX News) Acadiana Cinemas is the new theater in north Picayune. (Photo source: WLOX News)

After five years of traveling miles away to see a movie on the big screen, Pearl River County residents can now view the latest releases closer to home.

The only movie theater in the county has reopened after getting new owners and an extensive renovation job. Residents said that's good news for Pearl River County movie lovers.

The former River Ridge Cinema 4 in North Picayune is back with a new name, facility and staff.

"Unfortunately the older theaters are slowly dying out. What we've been successful with so far with our theaters are renovating these old theaters. Bringing them back to life and bringing them up to modern day standards," said Doug Collins, who is the owner of Acadiana Cinemas.

Collins owns three theaters in Louisiana similar to one in Picayune. He said his latest venture in Mississippi Acadiana Cinemas was a five month labor of love.

"Everything the customer sees and touches inside the building is brand new. The chairs, the carpet the wall coverings, ceiling tiles everything in here is brand new," explained Collins.

There are four auditoriums at the theater, each with a large digital projection screen.

The largest seats a 154 people in a special chair for customer comfort.

"It's a VIP lounge type chair. It's an over-sized chair," said Collins.

For Pearl River County residents the reopening has meant less travel time and less fuel cost to drive instead of an hour to the Coast or 30 minutes to Slidell to check out Hollywood's latest releases.

Pearl River County Resident Erin Schrepfer said, "We are really lucky to have a theater like this here in Picayune. It saves us from having to drive to Slidell and we're able to keep the community together and were able to keep the funds in our city and our town. "

The owner said movie goers will notice lower prices at the ticket counter than in larger cities.

"But that's not the only difference, the concession stands, the prices will be notably lower there than the bigger cities as well," said Collins.

Summer hours are seven days a week and includes a summer matinee.

The owner said, like in larger cities tickets can be purchased seven days in advance and be purchased on-line by logging visiting:

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