Attorneys Want Spring Break To Be Fun

It's a group of attorneys that have come together to make coming to the coast a welcomed experience for spring breakers this weekend. They're volunteering their time for what they see as a chance to make sure college kids turn into tourists over the next three days, in this a tourist destination.

Carol Henderson is a Gulfport attorney and says, "We will not tolerate any violation of the civil rights of these students because you must remember also that the Gulf Coast is a tourist destination and they are tourists and they're visiting the Mississippi Gulf Coast to have fun, to enjoy our beaches and our other amenities."

Former Circuit Court Judge John Whitfield has joined the group and says, "One way we can make this spring break a positive event is by simply working together to insure that everyone is welcome, to insure that that message is conveyed and to insure that everyone has an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy themselves."

This year there will be a welcome center tent set up in Jones Park by coast branches of the NAACP. It's a place where students can get flyers that explain curfews in each city, local laws and what to do if they are arrested.

Felicia Dunn Burkes is also an attorney in Gulfport and says, "We will have a large group of people willing to work and staff the welcome center, to hand out the flyers, to ask questions, to interact with the children or the young men and women who come here to visit."

The group is also hoping that preparations made to barricade areas, and to beef up law enforcement on the coast isn't a negative this weekend, a weekend where the coast could be under the microscope.

John Whitfield says, "It will either speak volumes in a positive way or volumes in a negative way, we want to be agents for change, we want to be agents to bring about a positive change in our community and in this state and we hope that our local elected officials, our law enforcement officers as well as business people will follow our lead and insure that this is a very positive event for everyone."