Truck Destroyed By Vandals

The inconveniences of rising flood waters are nothing new to the people who live along the Escatawpa River. However, river dwellers say parking their cars away from the flood waters isn't just inconvenient. The unprotected cars are a prime target for vandals.

"When I came around that corner in my jeep, I seen my truck with flames coming up," says Cedar Creek Resident James Clark.

Clark said there was nothing he could do but watch the truck burn.

"I said, 'Well, maybe I had a short.' You know, shorted out. But it hadn't been cranked up in 48 hours. Then we come back out here the second time and that's when we found the bullet holes," says Clark. "I knew then it wasn't an accident."

Two tires on Clark's daughter's car had been slashed and his truck had been shot several times with a shot gun.

"They shot it right here. See here, and see yonder. Look where they shot," says Clark.

"They must not have been 20 foot from it when they shot it. See how the pattern still holds together there."

Clark says he can't figure out who would shoot then burn his truck.

"If I got any enemies, I don't know it. That would do something like this, especially. I don't understand it."

Clark believes the only way the vandalism will stop is if the vandals know the area is being patrolled on a regular basis.

Sheriff Mike Byrd told WLOX News his deputies do patrol the Cedar Creek area. However, in light of this most recent act of vandalism, Byrd says he plans to increase patrols around Clark's neighborhood.

"We sure do need some patrolling in here. It's terrible in here," says Clark. "This is every year we get hit like this up here."

While police are searching for the vandals, James Clark plans to conduct a search of his own.

"I got to go buy me a truck somewhere," said Clark.