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Grand Bay NERR hosts safe-grilling seminar

Jim Matthews offers tips about safe and healthy grilling Jim Matthews offers tips about safe and healthy grilling

The Grand Bay Coastal Resources Center treated guests to a safe and healthy grilling seminar Saturday. It's part of a monthly event hosted by the center called the Adventure Quencher.

Seafood and grilling; two things that are commonplace here on the gulf coast. The Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve wanted to make sure those who do grill are doing it correctly.

"A lot of people are kind of shy of the grill," said former food editor, Jim Matthews. Matthews shared some of his tricks and secrets to the perfect grilling experience.

Other than the safety of the food and the consumer, there was one point he wanted to make clear. "You can cook anything on a grill you can cook in the kitchen," said Matthews. But he wanted to stress the importance of grilling in a sanitary manner.

Matthews recommended using designated cutting boards to prepare specific meats to avoid cross contamination. But that wasn't the only tip he shared. And those at the event got some helpful information.

"Been grilling shrimp all my life and I learned something here today," said Randy Skupien.

"He is full of great ideas," said Phyllis Grant.

Matthews suggested only using flat skewers when grilling items like shrimp. He also recommended propping the skewers up on bricks on the grill. "He's showing us how to maintain the flavor without overcooking," said Grant.

This is something that Education Coordinator, Jennifer Buchanan, loves to see the center do. "Our local seafood is the best seafood you can get," she said.

If people have a good experience with the seafood, Buchanan said they'll be coming back again and again. "Good healthy seafood also promotes good healthy tourism," she said.

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