Biloxi Shuckers fan recalls 'crazy catch' and viral video

Biloxi Shuckers fan recalls 'crazy catch' and viral video
A line drive foul ball, a bare-handed catch and a video that's gone viral.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi Shuckers fan, Micah Graves, is getting worldwide attention for his opening day catch.

The 20-year-old wore his GoPro camera to the home opener at MGM Park, hoping to record some documentary-type footage of the historic first game.

Instead, he captured a video that's had 1.1 million views so far.

"I heard the crack of the bat. Immediately looked toward that way. Saw the ball was coming towards me. I stood up and I just saw it kind of curve toward me. I put my hand out and the ball just, ball in hand. Easy as that," said Micah Graves, as he recalled his incredible catch in Section 115 at MGM Park.

Perhaps easy in hind sight, but his GoPro video shows how quickly it all happened for the fan seated down the right field line on opening night.

"The first thing I asked my girlfriend was like, 'Is that red light blinking? Am I recording?' She said yes you are. That's when I was just, I'm good for the night.

WLOX Sports reporter, Tyler Bouldin, had another view of "the catch" from video he shot on Saturday night.

"The like three seconds that I had to think about it, I was just thinking don't you dare drop this Micah. This is your one and only shot probably in the rest of your life that a ball will ever come right to you, with your GoPro on. So don't you drop this one, all right?" said the young man, recounting his good catch and good luck.

His point of view perspective, captured near perfectly on the GoPro, had all the ingredients for a viral video. It took off immediately.

"I was on the Inside Edition, ESPN, Sports Center, MLB Network, CBS, Fox," said Graves, "I've seen posts in London and Amsterdam. Brazil. It's just crazy like how much something spreads from just catching a ball, on a first person point of view."

Most of the comments on the video have been upbeat and encouraging, but there are always a few nay sayers. Some folks, in fact, think he staged the whole thing. They call the catch a hoax.

"People had some crazy theories saying that I brought this ball to the game. And that I had a computer generated image kind of float towards me. But I mean, it's been crazy," said Graves.

His 15 minutes of fame and opening game memory will not soon forgotten.

"I didn't really have to move my hand at all. I just kind of put my hand out there. I was like, just come, come to the hand," said Graves.

He and his girlfriend were celebrating their one year anniversary at the ballpark on opening night. "The Catch" was icing on the cake for their celebration.

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