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Victims of Woody Pringle to receive a portion of what was embezzled from them


Chancery Court Judge Hollis McGehee ruled 10 of the victims of Gulfport attorney Woody Pringle will receive a percentage of what he embezzled from them. Pringle, who committed suicide in 2010, was appointed as administrator of an estate, guardian or conservator, or attorney for the guardian. According to attorney Tim Holleman, Pringle also served as the attorney for wards that Chancery Clerk John McAdams was the guardian for.

Officials said, Pringle had court orders that gave him access to the money of his victims.

Court documents state, a total amount of $1,021,710.77 is what 10 of his victims claim was stolen. However, some of that money was recovered from other sources which reduced the total claim down to $737,741.99. Of that money around $300,000 will be returned to the victims thanks to the sale of Pringle's home in Orange County, Florida.

Harrison County officials said that home was purchased with money Pringle embezzled and was sold. Judge McGehee ruled, $313,170.72 from the sale will be distributed to 10 of Pringle's victims. Judge McGehee said 10 victims will receive back a percentage of what they lost from the sale of that home.

The judge commended the chancery clerk and the Harrison County Board of Supervisors for making the effort to go to Florida to recover the money.

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