Three Brothers Bringing A Century Of Educating To An End

If you went to school in the Poplarville School District, chances are good at least one of the McGill brothers taught you something. The baby of the three teaches high school art, the middle McGill teaches fourth grade, and big brother teaches fifth.

"One hundred and two years, that's over a century combined," the oldest brother Archie McGill said. "Personally I have 40 and a half years."

You might find it unusual for three brothers to choose the same profession. But the McGills say it just happened that way. They credit their parents for their successes in their profession.

"At first I thought I had the meanest parents in the world, but now I appreciated because now I now I see the things that I have been able to accomplish from them pushing me," the middle brother Billy Ray McGill said.

These veteran educators say they've seen plenty of changes over the years. Technology and student behavior are two of the most dramatic. Through the challenges, all three say they're proud they've made an impact on so many young lives.

"I have really enjoyed working with students to see them create and find themselves and to show me what's they have inside," the youngest McGill, Bobby, said.

Archie McGill said, "I guess one of the high points in my life when I can look back and think of hundreds of students that I have taught and helped them to achieve the unachieved goals for 40 and a half years."

Archie has taught three generations of some Poplarville families. "I've taught the grandparents, the parents, and now I'm teaching their grandchildren."