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Promoting unity in the community

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GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - People in North Gulfport gathered Sunday in an effort to bring unity to their community. The event started in early May on the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Arkansas Avenue. 

Locals come out every Sunday evening for the blues gathering. Community members, friends and family play blues, eat barbeque and socialize with one another. 

Organizer Lee Magee said, as the name implies, it's all an effort to promote unity in the community. 

"People need to love each other, and the more they hang out together, as you see, they bring 'em, start 'em back to talking to each other. You know, we love each other, but we just didn't know. They didn't know to do it until I'm showing them," said Magee. 

Magee hopes to rename the area the Harlem Clique and invite more people to come out and join them.

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