Students Try Out Their Aeronautical Skills With Space Week

It was all systems go at Westminster Academy in Gulfport Thursday morning.

The school playground was turned into a rocket launching pad as part of an educational celebration called "Space Week." Fourth graders put their handiwork to the test with help from the Civil Air Patrol as they launched their homemade rockets.

The rocket launch culminates a full week of space related activities, headed up by teacher and Civil Air Patrol officer Edith Street. She says it's a great way for kids to learn.

"Students don't really think they're learning when they're doing fun things, but it's an easy way to teach because they have hands on experience, and Newton's third law of motion is represented today where for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction," Street said.

All grades at Westminster participated in Space Week, with kids making not only their own rockets, but also kites, airplanes, and paper mache shuttles.