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Page 13: Proud as a peacock

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County's Jordan family has kept a collection of peacocks for years.

The birds, known for their regal feathers, roam freely around the property.

We pulled up and saw several peacocks in an oak tree. Then we saw another bird on the roof of the house.

Peacocks are strutting and fanning their colorful feathers all around the Jordan place in Jackson County.

"About 1953 or '54 my dad some some peacocks on a farm and decided it would be nice to have some here at our place. We started out with a pair. They reproduced and we've had as many as 54 of them here at one time," said Cissy Jordan.

You'll find about 30 of the birds roaming around Cissy Jordan's property.

It's the male bird that sports the spectacular feathers in an effort to impress and court the females.

"They like to show off. They like to fan their feathers and be beautiful. They also rattle their feathers. That's their way of making the peahens come look at them. That's how they snare the girls," according to Jordan.

This is a special time of year because baby peacocks, or peachicks are running around.

"They hatch from May until July. Until they're big enough to fly we keep them in an enclosure for their safety," Jordan said.

Peacocks originated in India. People have kept them as pets for thousands of years.

The birds are extremely independent.

"They came from the jungles of India and they could survive in the jungles of Jackson County if necessary," Jordan said.

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