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Double shooting shocks neighbors in Wiggins


Gunfire erupted overnight in the small city of Wiggins. The shootings left two men wounded, one so serious he had to be life-flighted to an area hospital. Officers are still conducting interviews, tracking down leads, and trying to figure out what sparked the shootings.

"When I heard it, yeah, I was shocked," said Jamar Bolton, who lives just a few doors down from where the double shooting happened on South McGregor Street.

"I actually heard about it this morning. It was a shooting. I really don't know who the person was. The violence here is crazy you know and I hope it stops," said Bolton.

Wiggins Police Chief Matt Barnett said the shots were fired in front of a home on McGregor shortly after 1:00 AM. When officers arrived, they found the first victim, 27-year old Kevin Barney. The man was shot four times in the back, but he managed to crawl into the house.

"According to the officers on the scene, it was pretty serious wounds," said Barnett.

The chief said the second victim, Treyvone Young, 19, was shot in the right thigh. Officers found him in a home about 100-yards away. A witness told police where he was located.

"We're starting here at the crime scene and work your way out to try to solve this case," said Barnett.

The chief said he is determined to find the person who pulled the trigger, because he doesn't want the people of Wiggins to live in fear.

"We really don't have a shooting like this in Wiggins, so this is unusual for us to have a violent crime of this nature. It's not a good feeling, because this community's not used to having that type of violence and the neighbors and community's on edge and they're worried and concerned, because this is not an every other day occurrence like it is in some bigger cities and communities," he said.

The neighborhood is commonly known as "The U" because of its U-shaped street. Wiggins police say they've responded to more calls and made more arrests in that southeast corner of town than any other area of the city.

"We probably had more calls for service and drug arrest issue type calls. But the thing about this neighborhood is, they do have a lot of good people here who do support law enforcement," said Barnett.

That's why the chief is urging neighbors to join forces with investigators.

"We want to get it cleaned up and we want to stop it. A bullet doesn't have anybody's particular name on it. It could have easily gone through and hit another home or hit somebody. So when they start pulling out the guns, we start getting serious," said Barnett.

"Hopefully somebody will step up and talk about it you know. They should. It's tragic," said Bolton.

The chief said Kevin Barney and Treyvone Young were transported to different hospitals. Both men had surgery Tuesday.

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