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Capital murder suspect's parents claim rush to judgement

Nicholas Marcell DeMorst (Photo source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department) Nicholas Marcell DeMorst (Photo source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department)

The mother of a capital murder suspect said Tuesday, just because her son was convicted of armed robbery doesn't mean he's a killer.

Nicholas Marcell DeMorst is on trial this week for the shooting death of Hunter Miller, 26, of Biloxi. The young man was killed in a Gautier neighborhood the night of Jan. 14, 2014 during what prosecutors describe as a drug deal.

Tuesday brought another day of emotional testimony about the events of that night. But the defendants' parents say the wrong person is on trial. DeMorst's mom, Chaunta Shannon, described her son as a star football player who went to college and has a son.

"I think his charge is unfounded," Shannon said. "That's not my son's character. It's not who he is or how we raised him."

DeMorst's father, Lance DeMorst, said his son has been unfairly prosecuted in the media.

"Since the beginning, police have been a rush to judgement to make sure they get a conviction on this case and not really knowing whether or not my son is involved or not," DeMorst said. "Prior to the armed robbery charge, he has never been convicted of any violent crime whatsoever. Nothing of this magnitude. So that's why we just find it hard to believe that our son is a cold blooded killer and would kill someone over some prescription pills."

DeMorst said he didn't immediately jump to his son's defense.

"I've been trying to break him down from day one to get the truth, if there's any other truth than what he is telling us, and he's adamant," DeMorst said. "Every time we talk on the phone, it's like, 'Dad, you know I didn't do this, you know.'"

"I understand someone lost their life and we are very sorry for that and our condolences go out to the family, because a father lost his son and a mother lost her son," DeMorst said. "But we don't believe as a family, what we know about our son, that he committed that crime."

"He says justice will prevail," Shannon said of her son. "They will know I didn't do this."

WLOX Reporter Michelle Lady has been in court all day following testimony in the trial. She'll have more details on what happened later today on and WLOX News beginning at 4pm.

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