Orange Beach Residents Forget Devastation And Enjoy Mardi Gras

As the drums keep the beat and the people fill the streets, the Mardi Gras celebration on Orange Beach begins to roll.

"Just the happy times, the pretty colors, all the pizzazz," Orange Beach resident Carla Mattson says.

All that glitz and glam this year is more than just eye candy. It helps hide the devastation all around.

"Coming down here, there's a lot of places that I used to know," Mobile resident Jason Finch says.

"It breaks my heart to see what happened," Orange Beach resident Mac Seabrook says.

"Everybody had damage. We all had something," Mattson says.

For the last five months, members of the community have shared in their losses. This Mardi Gras, they're sharing in celebration.

"These are my nice beads and these are my everyday beads that I throw to anybody and everybody," Mike Miller says.

And everybody's calling for them.

"These are some of my favorite things. The cups, the beads," Finch says.

"This is a time to celebrate and be happy and put it all behind us and get on with life," Seabrook says. "It's going to take it awhile."

No matter what mother nature brings, Orange Beach Residents have shown that nothing will take away their Mardi Gras.