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Jackson Co. Sheriff's deputy's car stolen, recovered after chase

Chance Dearman (Photo source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department) Chance Dearman (Photo source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department)
(Photo source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department) (Photo source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department)

A Jackson County Sheriff's deputy's car has been recovered after someone stole it. Sheriff Mike Ezell said the young man responsible for the crime is now behind bars. The incident happened Friday night on Big Point Road in Moss Point and ended with spike strips being deployed.

Ezell said one of the department's cruisers was stolen just minutes after deputies arrived at a home to handle a domestic dispute between a father and his 19-year-old son, Chance Dearman.

“We had no charges on him at the time, and he decided he was going to leave. We were trying to diffuse the situation,” said Ezell.

Dearman reportedly walked out of the home and straight toward the cruiser.

“One of the deputies left his patrol car running. It was locked. The young man tried to open the car door, which was locked, and as the officer got closer to him with a key fob in his pocket, the car suddenly became unlocked,” said Ezell.

Ezell said the young man then jumped in the car and a deputy tried to pull him out, but had no luck. A pursuit began and Dearman was chased for almost a mile before he finally crashed.

“There was another officer there as they were trying to leave. It was very close to where the vehicle was. He shot out a tire on it. We had a short pursuit, in which the guy ran off the road. We deployed some spike sticks,” said Ezell.

Dearman was arrested and charged with carjacking and felony pursuit.

The sheriff said while he's relieved deputies got the patrol car back and no one was seriously injured, the department's vehicle policy has to change.

“New technology. These new key fobs we have in our pockets are different from when we used just a key to crank the car up. Our policy currently states when you get out of the car it be locked, and the car was locked, so now we are going to look at our policy and update it so it reads that the vehicle needs to be turned off and locked to prevent something like this from happening again,” said Ezell.

Chance Dearman's mom, Sherry, called WLOX and said her son has some serious mental health issues, and deputies were called to take him to the hospital. She said he was begging for the deputy to shoot him last night, but he wasn't threatening anyone. She also said when they mentioned the hospital to her son, that's when he went for the deputy's vehicle.

She said her family and Chance have been failed by the mental health system.

Ezell said the 19-year-old remains in the Jackson County Jail. His initial appearance on both the carjacking and felony pursuit charges will be held Monday.

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