Gilich: 'Don't throw away your tickets yet'

Gilich: 'Don't throw away your tickets yet'

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Despite all the hype, Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich made it clear on Wednesday that MGM Park will not be ready for the June 6 home game.

To have it open would require the city to spend at least $300,000, and there would still be no guarantee the work would be done in time. Gilich said the city will work with Yates Construction toward an opening sometime before Aug. 4.

The team will have missed 25 home games by June 1, and 24 more home games are scheduled between June 6 and Aug. 4.

Gilich said the decision was easy to make, but the question is how are fans reacting.

We understand that the mayor, team owners and Yates Construction did meet today to discuss options, so there seems to be a little opening. We are told the mayor said at the Biloxi Businessman's Club meeting, "Don't throw away your tickets yet."

However, he says he doesn't want the taxpayers to spend any more money.

Those we spoke with on and off camera seem to understand the complexities and blame no one. They just want baseball to start as soon as possible.

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