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Domino's delivers love and support to Hattiesburg PD

Source: Hattiesburg Police Department Source: Hattiesburg Police Department

It was an effort to show support for the families of two fallen Hattiesburg police officers, and today, that effort is being paid.

Representatives from Domino's are in Hattiesburg today to deliver a check for $33,634.66 to an official from Hattiesburg Police Department. That check, is money that was collected during a drive last week that included Domino's restaurants across the state, along with Long Beach Police and Fire Departments.

The goal was to raise money to help the families of Officer Benjamin Deen, and Officer Liquori Tate, both of whom were killed in the line of duty during a traffic stop earlier this month.

At this time, nine people have been arrested in connection with the crime, but that investigation continues.

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