Property owners survey damage caused by mini storage fire

Property owners survey damage caused by mini storage fire

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Many people who were leasing units at K&K Mini Storage on Ruella Avenue in Bay St. Louis rushed there Wednesday after a fire ripped through the facility overnight. Some people left the facility heart broken, but others were relieved.

Firefighters spent Wednesday morning and afternoon battling hot spots as property owners began to sift through their losses. You could see the pain on their faces as they hauled out family heirlooms, antiques and many other items they valued.

"It's amazing," said Bay St. Louis resident Mark Karl.

Karl considers himself one of the lucky ones, but he feels for those who lost their cherished belongings.

"My unit wasn't touched," said Karl.

Waveland resident Bobby Williams showed up to find his unit was also spared but only narrowly. Firefighters stopped the blaze just six doors down.

"Just a little bit close for comfort," said Williams.

He knows he dodged a bullet.

"I feel sorry for those who lost. I talked to one man who lost two units down there," explained Williams.

The fire was very intense. Smoke from the blaze could be seen from a mile away. The State and Hancock County Fire Marshals are expected to begin investigating the cause of the fire Thursday. Right now, fire officials can only speculate.

"Anything is possible. It could be kids or vagrants. It could be intentional. It could be accidental. Somebody could have stored chemicals that could have leaked or spilled. There is just no way to tell right now," said Chief Pam San Fillippo, of the Bay St. Louis Fire Department.

Fire officials do know this was the second fire here in less than six months. The first fire destroyed the contents of eight units in the 120 unit complex.

San Fillippo said two firefighters were treated at the scene for heat exhaustion and a third was treated at Hancock Medical Center. He was released Wednesday morning and is doing fine.

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