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Shuckers 'still busting it' to play at MGM Park June 6

Tim Bennett (Photo source: WLOX) Tim Bennett (Photo source: WLOX)

The first place Biloxi Shuckers open a key series tonight at Chattanooga. The team hopes a win on the scoreboard will overshadow a loss at MGM Park.

Biloxi's mayor says no baseball will be played at the downtown Biloxi stadium a week from Saturday.

The announcement seems to have caught the team's front office off guard. WLOX News just talked with Shuckers co-owner Tim Bennett. Despite Mayor Gilich's determination that baseball can't be played at MGM Park next week, Bennett said, “We're still busting it, trying to make June 6 a reality.” Bennett just heard about the mayor's news release that says the city must postpone the Shuckers' home opener because the city shouldn't be asked to invest another $300,000 into the ballpark with no assurances the stadium will be ready for play in nine days. “If it turns out to be true, we're a little disappointed,” said Bennett. “We're confident the mayor is working in the best interests of the city.”

Why did Bennett say “if it turns out to be true”? Because the co-owner won't give up on that June 6 date. “We're going to keep working. We realize there are other issues outstanding that can prevent us from playing June 6… I'm not disappointed yet until I know for sure we can't get it done.”

When Bennett was asked what he wants to say to fans who might have purchased tickets for June 6 hoping to be part of history, he paused, and said that was a tough question. “We express our apologies,” Bennett then said, “while at the same time, making sure every fan knows we're not giving up making those tickets the home opener.”

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