OS High graduate shares uplifting message against bullying

OS High graduate shares uplifting message against bullying

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - A professional singer and dancer returned to Ocean Springs on Wednesday to share an uplifting message with students. Music artist Daniel Thomas gained some new fans at Ocean Springs High School, not just for his music, but also his message against bullying.

Thomas sang, danced and challenged other students to show off their moves during his Heart Speaks Tour. He also shared his personal story of being abused physically and verbally at home and the bullying he endured at school.

"You can't really candy coat it. You have to be real with them. You can't hide, and I have to tell these kids that I really was in a broken home, and it was really hard for me, but look where I'm at now. I'm pushing. I'm still pushing, and to tell kids they have such a great higher calling and purpose in their life and they need to go for it and they all have one. So, we need to all lift each other up," said Daniel Thomas.

Thomas graduated from Ocean Springs High in 2007. He wanted to come back to tell the students they are not alone and to listen to their heart.

"It is a painful situation. The show today, I decided to really start with more of a darker feel of it, how bullying's in the news, and there's so much suicides and all this stuff. I think people just need to hear the message. People need to get out and just speak out," said Thomas.

"We can listen to him better, because he knows what we're going through. He's not a stranger that just tells us to do something. He knows," said Nathan Risley, Vice President of the Students Against Violence Everywhere club at the school.

This fall, Thomas will team up with the nonprofit group Dude, Be Nice. He wants to bring on more artists and personal stories to spread the anti-bullying message across the country.

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