Some Bay St. Louis Residents Say City Is Ignoring Their Area

Ward three sits in the heart of Bay St. Louis with more than 1,300 registered voters. Operation Wake-up members say when it comes to capital improvement projects, ward three hasn't gotten it's fare share of the pie.

"We shouldn't have these problems," Operation Wake-Up President Danin Benoit said. "The city should treat ward three just like they treat any other ward. If money comes through there for ward three drainage, it should be used on ward three."

Benoit says when the city embarked on a major drainage project in 1998, ward three was slighted.

"We think they went over budget on the Spanish Acres deal, and they took the money allocated for us to have proper drainage and put it in that, and the only thing we got out of the deal is their water."

New sidewalks and park improvements are another concern.

"I think the concerns that they have are legitimate concerns," ward three city council member Connie Lampley said. "However, I think the concerns that they have are being addressed."

Lampley says more drainage work is about to get underway in her ward, and she's working on securing a grant for some side walks.

"We think that our city council person is doing a great job, but she's only one person," Benoit said. "We think that the mayor and other city council members should support her on some of these issues we bring to the table."

But Lampley says the present council has been supportive of her efforts. In fact, Lampley says more than $3 million has been spent on various projects within ward three over the past few years.

Operation Wake up members say those improvements are hard to find.

"We want to bring tourists up into ward three as well as one or two or four, and we can't do this unless we beautify our area," Benoit said. "We can't do that unless the city shows support."