Beach vendors prepare for holiday weekend

Beach vendors prepare for holiday weekend

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - If this Memorial Day weekend is anything like last year beach entertainment vendors hope to see some big business. That's why beach vendors began preparing for the anticipated crowds early.

A Covington, Louisiana family starts their Memorial Day weekend early before the crowds by jumping aqua cycles.

Biloxi Beach Jet Ski Rental workers have been gearing up for the holiday weekend.

"We've got the umbrellas out and removing trash off the beach. Sand beach authority has been wonderful to work with as far as cleaning these beaches up for us," said Alston Evans with Biloxi Beach Jet Ski Rentals.

The Cox family said they visit Biloxi beaches every two months for many reasons other than holidays.

"This is a great place to be. We have the white sands here. You have the clean water. When you go to Louisiana, not so much. You know? The rivers or good, but the beach here is better," said Julie Cox of Covington.

For Jamie Cox, activities like jet skiing, make visiting the beaches that much more pleasing.

"I love it. I was free. I guess that's the best word I can use to explain it. I just felt free. If I feel over I didn't have to worry about anything it's just water," said Jamie Cox of Covington.

As for the beach vendors. They are going to make sure they fill the needs all of their customers.

"We rent out kayaks, jet skis, aqua cycles, chairs, picnic tables. We've been polishing jet skis. We're going to open up every umbrella we have. We're planning to be very, very busy. Every chair is going to be filled. Memorial Day weekend is always pretty busy," said Evans.

In addition to all the activities, tourists say the cleanliness of the beach is also a major plus.

"I'm from a beach in California. You guys have a lot of clean beaches here. There's no glass. There's no trash. You guys keep it really well kept. I don't have to worry about walking around in water shoes or anything and I can just go out in the water and it's nice and warm. It's awesome," said Jamie Cox.

Another beach vendor, Jet Blast Rentals said Memorial Day weekend is their third busiest weekend following the Fourth of July and Labor Day. They also said 80 percent of their business comes from out of towners.

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